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07 November 2017

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Wheat festival – Acquarica del Capo

Wheat in celebration

July 29.30.31 wheat festival – Acquarica del Capo

Wheat has always been an essential nourishment, with vine and olive tree. For this reason there is a predisposition to cultivate wheat,
raw material from which to make sustenance and make bread,pucce (bread) with olives,delicious dishes of orecchiette and maccheroni
( types of pasta) with turnip, sagne ( type of pasta) with ricotta cheese, ciciri e tria( ” tagliatelle ” and chickpeas).

The festival it aims to enhance the flour from the area with which these poor but tasty dishes typical of the peasant culture.
All this accompanied by the typical music tradition of Salento , the ” pizzica” , and other musical rhythms.

Video Sagra Grano in Festa

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