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10 January 2018

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Visit of Leuca Piccola

Santa Maria di Leuca del Belvedere complex or Leuca Piccola

An historical, monumental complex truly unique in its kind, an authentic discovery in the land of the hospitality, on the footstep of ancient pilgrimages to the Salento extreme strip of land.
A stop here is a way of re-experiencing the daily life of the past, the results of the hard work of its inhabitants and their skilful artisanship sculpted in the stones.
The large arches, the church with its frescoes and the confessionals carved into the rocks (the remains of an old inn), the abandoned small shops, the caves where the pilgrims would find shelter: all this attracts the curiosity and the interest of tourists.
And if the many carved epigraphs will make you wonder and smile for their wise truths, you will also be fascinated by the beauty of the whole complex and, above all, by the delightful little church which still maintains in its own disarming simplicity.

This beautiful setting was realized by the Barone Capece of Barbarano starting from 1685, but there is proof that the small church existed a long time before, on the road leading to Morciano di Leuca.